Manufactured Home Buyers Guide
Buying a manufactured home is different. Do it right.

Thinking about Buying a Manufactured Home? Trust a REALTOR® that's a Lender Too.

I'm thinking about buying a manufactured home.

In park and land owned mobile homes and manufactured homes provide the best affordable home ownership opportunity in California, but it's a misunderstood market. Buyers are attracted to manufactured homes for very different reasons.

The one thing buyers already know is that manufactured housing can be a good a value but don't know where to get started. Many also know there is a difference between land lease and land owned manufactured homes, but that's where the understanding stops for most. That's where we come in. 

Preparing to buy a manufactured home

Preparing to Buy a Used Manufactured Home

What should I do to be ready to buy a manufactured home.

The process for purchasing a manufactured home is much the same as a traditional real estate transaction. Quality listings sell fast and unprepared buyers are often left looking. There will be much to do once you find the right home, but what do you need to do to be ready? Good preparation includes education and planning. 

Be Smart. Learn about the market

Once you have made a decision on land lease vs. land owned, get to know the market.  Understanding pricing, value and community differences will make easier to find the right home. Use the search tools on our website. Create an account at Perform your first search and save it. You will be automatically notified when new listings that match your search become available or when the status of a current listing changes.  Visit communities and let us know what you like. We have a great database and can send you a list of recently sold homes; your best gauge for value.

Closing your manufafactured home purchase

Closing Your Manufactured Home Purchase

I'm under contract to buy. What do I do now?

Congratulations on getting your offer accepted. You will be glad you have all your loan approval work done because there is still much to do. Now you can focus on your new home and getting closed and moved.

Inspections - We recommend at least two independent home inspections. 

Home Inspection

A quality home inspection is a valuable tool in any home purchase. You home inspector will look at all the physical aspects of your home in an unbiased manner.