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We've handled millions in California mobile home closings and know how important 

We start closing the day your home is listed. Our system is integrated with, In Park Services, and provides full buyer's and seller's escrow services. It's important that numbers are accurate  transparent to everyone involved. We begin with a Seller's Estimate of Proceeds as soon as your home is listed. We begin the tax clearance process and obtain pay off information all in house, done early, done accurately. 

Manufactured Home Closings are Different

Land Lease Closings

Closing for mobile homes and manufactured home in parks are different than traditional real estate closings. Mobile home closings require the financial disclosures of traditional escrow; however, sales are not recorded by deed at the county. Mobile home sales are titled through the State of California Department of Housing and Community Development.

MH Realty maintains a dedicated relationship with In Park Services, our preferred escrow provider. This is the only type of escrow they offer, but for many escrow companies manufactured home closings is just "something else" they do.  

Land Owned Closings

Land owned closings are handled by escrow or title companies, typically on a local basis. 

The settlement agent will be responsible for handling all pay offs, getting tax clearance for transfer, coordination of new loan lien and recording your deed.

Quiet Closings

When it's time to close, we've already done the heavy lifting (except for your movers.)  Documents, titling and other closing documents are delivered directly to you for a smooth closing. 

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