Become an Associate at MH Realty

Manufactured home sales and finance can provide a sound basis for your real estate career.

There is strength in numbers. We help REALTORS® every day with their customer's loan needs. It's not by chance that we are now recruiting them.  We offer well managed opportunity and access to manufactured home markets and products you might not have considered before.  We offer the reach, expertise, back office and back bone to make manufactured home sales and finance good business for the right people. 


Many agents stay away from manufactured homes because they do not know the products or believe they can't generate enough volume to make it worthwhile. We are looking for a few special people to prove how wrong that is. If you are interested in making manufactured home sales and finance a dedicated part of your business, talk to us for an honest assessment of your market and the opportunities we have available. 

We realize the internet is a huge part of how buyers find homes these days, but the listing and sales relationship will always be a "boots on the ground" affair.  We provide the best sales and finance platform in California and we are looking for a few good people to represent us. Manufactured home sales and finance is different; another reason agents shy away. Simply put, qualified buyers of mobile and manufactured homes deserve sales and finance service that is designed for manufactured homes.  We deliver that.


We provide a platform that combines agency, buyer and seller representation, finance and closing services into one "In House" package. We can help you reach the right market and can provide the service support you need. 

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Financial Products

In House escrow and closing services

One of the great things about the California market is it's flexibility and resourcefulness. Good business people learn that working together produces better results. Each of our Associates has a unique market. Our programs are designed to accommodate different situations.

This is an opportunity to develop new business with a deep rooted company that works for a living. The market we help is misunderstood and under served. We're out to fix that. If you are interested in what we do and think you can help, please send your resume to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.