Getting ready to sell your California "In Park" Mobile Home? It's likely your home will need to be appraised.

What can you do to help increase the appraised value of your mobile or manufactured home?  Many of the things you can do to make your mobile or manufactured home more marketable can also influence an appraiser.


Take a Fresh Look at Your Mobile Home

Walk out to the street and try to see your home for the first time. Appraisals are opinions. First impressions create positive opinions. How does the paint look? Does the porch and entry to home look clean and free of clutter. 

Finish all your "getting ready to sell" projects. Even small upgrades like new faucets can make a difference. Upgrades in kitchen and bath provide the best value. 

Everything should work. Fix what is broken. No credit is due for taking reasonable care of your home, but "Deferred Maintenance" is certainly a negative to an appraiser. A cracked window or torn screen is the type of small fix that can prevent a negative attitude.

Clean the windows. Simple and very cost effective. 

Get some boxes and rent a storage unit. If you're serious about selling your home, start packing. Getting rid of clutter and clearing out crowded rooms makes a big difference. You've seen the "Wow look at that place!" photos. Not every budget allows for "Professional Staging," but potential buyers are attracted to clean and crisp presentation. If you can make the kids rooms look neat, you are ahead of the curve. Make sure the inspector has clear access to all rooms and closets. 

If your home is older and has not had regular termite termite treatment, it's a good idea to get a termite clearance, especially if there is apparent wood damage. 

If you've had the roof replaced or have recently had appliances, AC or furnace serviced or upgraded, point that out during the inspection. When the appraiser shows up, share your information and then stay out of their way. Following the appraiser around can be interpreted as a sign of a problem.

Know your stuff. Be able to support your value.  It's OK to provide the appraiser comparable sales information and explain why your home is priced at market value. Appraisers are going to value your home based on homes that have sold in your community, not on homes listed for sale. If you don't have sale data, call us. We maintain records of all mobile and manufactured home sales in California in the MH Value Database.