Preparing to Buy a Used Manufactured Home

What should I do to be ready?

Learn about the market

Once you have made a decision on land lease vs. land owned, get to know the market.  Use the search tools on our website. Create an account at Perform your first search and save it. You will be automatically notified when new listings that match your search become available or when the status of a current listing changes.  Visit communities and let us know what you like. We have a great database and can send you a list of recently sold homes; your best gauge for value. 

Be financially ready

Need financing

Be pre-approved, not just pre-qualified. This easy. Have your income, employment and source of down payment review by underwriting. That's all there is to it.

Cash buyer

Have your finances ready. Sellers expect to see proof of funds with your offer.

Contingent Buyer

Be prepared to show the home you must sell is on the market or in escrow. When the market is tight, sellers are reluctant to accept open ended contingent offers.

Be Set on Go

When the right home comes on the market, be ready to move decisively. You've already done your homework on the market and your loan is ready to go.  Make a strong offer and be ready to move fast. But, remember we are in a seller market so be flexible and prepared to negotiate. 

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Closing your purchase