Manufactured Home Sellers Guide
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Manufactured Home
Sellers Guide

Ready to Sell your Mobile Home or Manufactured home? Trust a REALTOR® that's a Lender Too.

I'm thinking about selling my home.

You have options when it comes to selling your manufactured home. Which is best for you? Should you try to sell your home by yourself? Should you work with a mobile home dealer to sell your home? You're aunt Martha has a friend that is an agent? How many mobile home deals has she closed?

The California manufactured home market is unique and has some special requirements. 

For Sale by Owner

This is a good way to go if you know the buyer or have a good network in your community.  But if you decide to go into the open market by yourself,

Preparing to Sell Your Mobile Home or Manufactured Home with MH Realty Associates.

I've decided to sell. What do I do now?

Making the decision to sell your mobile home is not always an easy one. Whether the decision is job related, market related, family growth or retirement, when you are ready to sell, we can help. We don't just put your home on the MLS and put up a sign. We help you develop an achievable goal and a plan to get there.  

When You List Your Manufactured Home with MH Realty, We get the Word Out

Getting List Ready

We syndicate with multiple MLS Systems and feature your property at, California's best manufactured home search engine. 

Marketing your manufactured home takes more than putting a sign in the yard. Technology has created ways for us to reach buyers that are looking for a specifically looking for manufactured home. is designed to search and show active manufactured home listings. listings are syndicated through multiple listing systems across California but that's just where we get started. 

A successful sale requires maximum front end distribution and an effective back end filter.

Integrated, In House Closing System

No drama closing

We've handled millions in California mobile home closings and know how important 

We start closing the day your home is listed. Our system is integrated with, In Park Services, and provides full buyer's and seller's escrow services. It's important that numbers are accurate  transparent to everyone involved. We begin with a Seller's Estimate of Proceeds as soon as your home is listed. We begin the tax clearance process and obtain pay off information all in house, done early, done accurately. 

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In Park Mobile Home Sales Data
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In Park Mobile Home Sales Data
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