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Mobile Home Loans, Manufactured Home Loans and Modular Home Loans. Construction Loans for Mobile Home Replacement

The low rates we offer at MH Lender make owning a home more affordable than ever before. We have helped thousands of Californians realize their dream of home-ownership. We believe manufactured homes provide the best home value in the market. We provide the Premier manufactured home loan products in the market.  We maintain solid investor relationships and can provide "In House Financing" for most any credit situation. 

Years of Experience

We've closed millions in manufactured home loans over the years. Our lending background shapes our perspective. It's just the way we are wired. Manufactured housing provides affordable home ownership opportunities for thousands of California families. Our business focus is on providing the best financial products in the market.  Sound lending practices and top notch customer service have been key to our success.

Designed for California

A unique market demands a unique mortgage company. California is the highest value manufactured home market in the country. 

Product and market knowledge have been the difference makers in our business.  By merging our lending, real estate and new home sales, we provide more control and greater transparency for our clients.  We are constantly working to improve processes, communications and loan programs. We've built a comprehensive portfolio of "In Park" and land owned loan programs that are tailored for the California market.

Land Lease or Land Owned

Both types provide ownership opportunities below the cost of site built purchase or construction. Talk to a professional that specializes in factory built finance about the differences and which is right for you. Call us today at 760-593-4200

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