The MH Value Database is celebrating it's Seventh Birthday. In over 7 years, we've recorded and cataloged around a million lines of code that details every "In Park" manufactured home transaction in California. To celebrate, we got a new server and are offering Complimentary Subscriptions to REALTORS® and Industry Professionals that work with manufactured home buyers and sellers and need reliable comparable data in an easy to search format. 

Designed by Lenders - Used by Appraisers and Real Estate Professionals across California.

Years ago, we realized we needed better manufactured home sale information to serve our loan customers. Accurate sales and comparable sales data was difficult to find.  In House valuations involved a lot of guesswork.  MLS Data was never complete and didn't have the detail we needed. We've indexed the entire State of California database and made it searchable and relevant. We use the MH Value Database every day to help Buyers and Sellers. 

Years later, the MH Value database hosts the records of over 43,000 million total manufactured home transactions and grows weekly. 

  • Individual "In Park" Mobile and Manufactured Home Records
  • Easy to use interface
  • Intuitive Search Engine
  • Mix and match your search criteria to find the data you need.
  • Print Individual Decal and Comparable Sales Reports.
  • Invaluable buyer and seller tool. Informed customers make better decisions. 

To Celebrate more, if you are a licensed REALTOR®, and work with "In Park" manufactured home buyers or sellers,  we are offering a MH Value Database Professional Subscription Free for a Limited Time.  To get setup, call us or Contact Us Here.

Sample Decal Report

Sample Comparison Report




We Track Every Manufactured Home Listing and Sale in the Entire State of California Every Week with the MH Value Database!

The best way to determine a homes value is to look at what the home next door sold for.  The MH Value database makes finding recent comparable sales data easy. We serve buyers, sellers, appraisers and industry professionals that rely on good information.

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