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Mobile Home Loans, Manufactured Home Loans and Modular Home Loans. Construction Loans for Mobile Home Replacement

The low rates we offer at MH Lender make owning a home more affordable than ever before. We have helped thousands of Californians realize their dream of home-ownership.

mobile home loans in park

Financing for Homes in Mobile Home Parks

Manufactured homes in all ages and 55+ land lease communities (mobile home parks) provide the most affordable home ownership opportunity in California.  Financing for these home owners is the foundation of our business.

Manufactured home lending is different. We have years of experience with thousands of in park loans closed.

land owned manufactured home loan

Land Owned Manufactured Home Lending

Manufactured Homes in land owned Home Owner's Associations and on residential lots provide are popular across California and provide an outstanding value and lifestyle to home owners. We help clients navigate this misunderstood and mistreated market. 

Loan programs designed for manufactured homes and land by a mortgage company that specializes in the product.