Get Prepared to Sell

I've decided to sell. What do I do now? Let MH Realty help!

Making the decision to sell your mobile home is not always an easy one. Whether the decision is job related, market related, family growth or retirement, when you are ready to sell, we can help. We don't just put your home on the MLS and put up a sign. We help you develop an achievable goal and a plan to get there.  


Market Price

One of the problems many sellers have is getting pricing right. While real estate sold prices across the market average less than one percent difference from listing prices, that is not the case with manufactured home sales in land lease parks.  It's typical to see price drops of five to ten percent because the home was listed at a price that is too high.  Homes that are priced to sell capture the most qualified buyers; the ones that are in the market today.   Using the sales in the MLS for comparable sales data leaves many sellers without a clear picture of value. Our MH Value Database captures all the sales data so you know for sure where you should be positioned in the market. 

What is right with your home?

What will a buyer love about your home? Most likely it's the same things you do.  Have you completed any remodeling projects? What about other improvements and upgrades. Even small improvements are important to potential buyers. Prepare to present the best side of your home. Fresh paint is always welcome. 

What is wrong with your home?

Most sellers know what needs repair or is just worn out in their home. Many have a To Do list that is now a Not Done list. This is the time to take care of as much of that as possible. It's better to repair than to tell a potential buyer what is wrong. We recommend all sellers have a professional home and termite inspections before listing their home. Your home inspections and your repairs can become a powerful sales tool when you go on market.

De-Clutter and Clean

Rent a storage unit. Have a yard sale. Get rid of stuff. De-personalize and allow buyers to see themselves in the home. Clean. Power wash the house and drive. Wash windows inside and out. Get all the junk out from under the sinks. All the best features of your home will be forgotten if buyers remember a dirty and cluttered home. 


Hiring a professional decorator and renting furniture after you moved is not for every home.  But the higher priced home you are selling, the more professional staging makes a difference. Not moving until you sell? It's still a best practice to clear out bulky furniture and to re-arrange to create maximum floor space. Take pictures and compare to the best on the market. Create the best presentation possible in every room.


Where are you going? What are your sales proceeds going to be? Are you moving up? Will you need financing? All good questions we can help with.

For more information about getting ready to sell your home, call MH Realty at 760-593-4200.

Marketing Your Home